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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Payment

Once you have booked, a 15% Deposit is compulsory which will not be refunded if a booking is cancelled. The remaining amount must be paid latest 30 Days in advance before the start of any tour.

If a booking falls within 30 Days of the tour start, the full amount must be paid directly after the booking confirmation has been received.

Cancellation Fees

When cancelling a tour, the following fees are applicable:

  • 31 Days before Tour start: 10% of the total tour price

  • 30 -21 Days before Tour start: 25% of the total price

  • 20-11 Days before Tour start: 50% of the total price

  • 10-0 Days before Tour start: 100% of the total price

Itinerary Changes

Nazimbo Safaris has the full right and authority to change any of the tour itineraries, routes or accommodation without the consent of the guests in situations beyond the company’s control, e.g. political unrest, flooding’s, or any other element that may pose a threat to the guest.

In cases of a rise in the price of an accommodation, fuel or similar, any material or similar which is beyond our control, the guest will be informed thereof and the guest carries these costs. Proof of a rise in the price will be supplied by us.


Nazimbo Safaris has an insurance which is up to standard with the Tour and Safari Association of Namibia (TASA).

We are not liable for any self-inflicted accidents or injuries to our guests, any loss, theft or damage of luggage or other objects. We strongly recommend that guests acquire a travel insurance before travelling to Namibia.

Additional Services

Pickup and drop off at the airport are included in the tour price. Should you choose to stay additional nights in Windhoek, we will drop you off at your booked accommodation at no extra cost. We can arrange the transfer to the airport for you or you can book at the accommodation reception.

General Info

Before payment, the following travel contract must be signed by all clients of Nazimbo Safaris. This contract must be brought along on the tour at all times. This contract is a written agreement between Nazimbo Safaris and their clients and is treated as such.

Should a client breach any rule that has been stated in the contract at any time during the tour, the guest will no longer be part of the tour group from that point onward.

Verbal insults and rude comments towards the guide of Nazimbo Safaris and their staff, will not be tolerated at all. Such insults and comments will result in immediate termination of the contract by Nazimbo Safaris.

Nazimbo Safaris can terminate the contract under the following circumstances:

  • Clients ignoring or not following the rules set by the guide

  • Clients verbally insulting any member of Nazimbo Safaris

  • Clients who do not follow or ignore the laws or rules of Namibia

  • Clients racially abusing a member of Nazimbo Safaris

  • Clients behaviour becomes intolerable

  • Clients insulting members of Nazimbo Safaris with unacceptable gestures

  • Clients forfeit the program without the knowledge of the guide or a member of Nazimbo

Any changes to the route must be discussed 2 days before the change (during the tour). Any change to a tour itinerary must be discussed 1 month prior to the start of the tour. Changes to the itinerary on the same day will not be accepted. Nazimbo Safaris can alter or change the travel route without addressing the clients beforehand. This can be due to security reasons, weather or unforeseen circumstances.

Important note

Kaokoveld Tour

Nazimbo Safaris strictly advises guests travelling on this tour, to mentally and physically prepare themselves for this tour as the road conditions in the Kunene Region are very poor. The road to the Van Zyl’s Pass takes at least 5 hours and it is not easy to navigate as the route has no road markings to the pass! The pass itself is not bad and easy to navigate.

Southern Namibia

Please be advised, that the road between Maltahohe and Walvis Bay (C14) is in a terrible state throughout the year as it is one of the main tourist roads between Sesriem and Walvis Bay.

Northern Namibia

The road conditions near Twyfelfontein are very bad and not suitable for 2x4 vehicles! Nazimbo Safaris suggests that guests mentally prepare for these bad roads.

The temperatures in the north of Namibia can exceed 45° Celcius! Nazimbo Safaris therefore suggests, that guests drink as much water as possible to stay hydrated as heat strokes are not a rarity.

The distances between destinations is huge (Between 200km and 500km) and can take some time to overcome. Namibia is a large country; about 2.5x bigger than Germany!

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